Why Mom Uses an Element as a Paperweight

Why Mom Juggles was written several years ago to explain to my sons why I took up juggling after the age of 30 and why I persisted even though I’d never be good at it.

 Why Mom Uses an Element as a Paperweight is but another Mom thing. These are things Mom does to remind herself of other things.

 In July of 2009, we were settled into our not-so-new home in Mountain Lakes Community, and after two years still finding things that had been packed away and forgotten. I was looking for a corn-cutter, one of those things that slices fresh corn off the cob. I know I’ve got one, and it’s around here somewhere. When I was looking for it, as often happens, I ran across something else entirely. There with my canning supplies was a range element, one I bought to handle the weight of the water-bath canner. I pulled it from its hiding place among the other canning tools and looked at it. It will not fit my new stove top.


 You know it’s funny that something so useful, something that can push water like magic to the boiling point, could be completely useless on it’s own.

 So it is with many things.

 In marketing, advertising is but one element of the marketing plan. And advertising, just like this stove top element, is completely useless on it’s own. Well not completely. The element makes a dandy paperweight.

The element as paperweight is an immediate visual reminder that even when everything is working perfectly, if there’s no source of energy,  nothing happens.



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