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Why Mom Juggles — Poorly

January 7, 2003  Last night, Michael was on the phone. I heard him say, “Mom’s juggling.” The next words I heard were, “Don’t ask.” This is for my son Michael, in case he never asks. Why Mom Juggles I started juggling between 1986 and 1988. I remember because we were in the Ashboro East house, … Continue reading

Element as a Paperweight

Why Mom Juggles was written several years ago to explain to my sons why I took up juggling after the age of 30 and why I persisted even though I’ll never be good at it. Why Mom Uses an Element as a Paperweight is another thing that deserves an explanation. This is something I do to remind myself of other … Continue reading

On the Phone, Again

Hello world!

Did you ever set up a blog or website then forget that you did it? That’s what I did with WordPress, and frankly this site deserves more attention than that. But I am still not ready to write a brilliant essay… and that’s exactaly why so many people never get started on a blog. They’re … Continue reading

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